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March 2022 Wine of the Month Club

South America

Keeping up with South American wine takes some effort these days. While budget Malbecs and Carmeneres will hopefully continue to line ...

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February WOM 2022

      In the wine world, sometimes it seems like all roads do, in fact, lead to the Rhône Read More

January 2022 Wine of the Month

What is the story behind the wine in your glass? Many wine lovers never get to witness the process involved in winemaking, and underestimate the immense work that is involved in crafting a fine ...

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December 2021 Wine of the Month Club

This month brought an exciting new discovery for our team: the terroir-driven wines of Leduc-Frouin. Leduc-Frouin is a family winery situated in Sousigné, about 20 miles south of Angers in the h...

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November Wines of the Month 2021

Is it November already? Hard to believe another holiday season is already (almost) upon us, but we are especially excited for this one. After 2020’s necessarily s...

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September Wine of the Month: Celebrating California

Every day in California is a celebration of viticulture. The Golden State is the fourth leading wine producer in the world,...

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August 2021 Wine of the Month Club

Wine appreciation is one of few life pursuits where being wrong is actually fun. It’s part of the point in fact; we spend all this time trying all these wines in ...

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July 2021 Wine of the Month : A Toast to Terroir

Terroir is a tricky concept.  A broad French term (‘sense of place’ is the most common translation)  used to signal specificity (Randall Graham of Bonny Doon iden...

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February Wine of the Month 2021

This month, with spring just around the corner, we are very excited to offer wines from two of the finest producers in Portugal, a country with a winemaking histo...

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January 2021 Wine of the Month

Happy New Year! For many, the calendar signals the end of one year and the beginning of another. For me, the passage of time is only a continuation of my enolgica...

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