About us


A young entrepreneur named Gavin Newsom saw an opportunity to create a wine-buying experience that was more approachable and less intimidating than what he had experienced as a 26-year old who was passionate about wine. In 1992 PlumpJack Wines was established in the bustling Cow Hollow/Marina neighborhood on Fillmore and Greenwich Streets. 

"PlumpJack is about demystifying the wine buying experience and removing the intimidation factor, two elements that were in short supply in the wine world in 1992 when the store opened. Suddenly there was a place where consumers could learn about wines in a friendly, helpful atmosphere, where they could feel free to ask questions, where the selection was large and the prices fair, and where -- in homage to the store's Shakespearean namesake -- wine was once more associated with the spirit of fun and adventure. Slowly we're seeing others in the business take our lead because they realize that that's what the consumer wants," says Newsom.