This month we have been working hard on bringing in new fresh beers from local breweries. For the first time we were able to get our hands on some brews from Armistice out of Richmond CA. We’re big fans and excited to finally carry their beers, so we want to bring them straight to you, our club members, right out of the gate. Enjoy 2 pints of everything we could get our hands on:  A fresh single IPA, a bold double IPA and a nice crisp pilsner. Perfect for warm days, warm nights, and everything in between. 



Armistice Brewing                   Big Blurr: Hazy Double IPA

Richmond, CA

Armistice description: We don’t recall what happened in Big Sur. Were we waxing hysterical about Simcoe hops with all the damp resin of coastal conifers – about the zesty nose of Citra – about a city of gold in the center of a hop cone called El Dorado – about the rocky head that piles on top like thunderheads on the horizon – about the oaten turbidity churning like a tide? It was all just a big blur.


$14 for 2 pints

Dry-hopped with Citra, El Dorado, & Simcoe hops.

Armistice Brewing               Rich City Pils: German Style Pilsner

Richmond, CA

Armistice description: What are the brewers drinking when they clock out? It's usually something bright, clear, and dry, with a firm noble-hop bitterness that is balanced by rich continental malt character, and clocks in at less than 5%. We brewed this pilsner with no one in mind but ourselves and the hard working people of Rich City


$11 for 2 pints 

Saaz Hops

Armistice Brewing               Disco Tech Bro: Hazy IPA

Richmond, CA

Armistice description: Friday night and your favorite discothèque is overrun with tech bros who hit their corporate happy hour a little too hard and a little too long. Melt away that sea of Yeezys and Patagucci with a dreamy little hazy IPA that's equal parts ripe fruits and resinous pines. You can stay in your groove lane until it's time to call an Uber.


$13 for 2 pints 

Dry Hopped w/ Mosaic & Idaho 7

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