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January 2023 Beer of the Month Club: Lagers!

Lagers For January this year I’ve got some different lagers for ya. Mostly light in body, low ABV & crushable. From German light style lagers like a Helles & a Kolsch, to a hoppy “California”...

December 2022 Beer Of The Month Club

Holiday Beers This month we have four different beers to cozy up with from three different breweries bringing you three different styles across two countries divided by a common language. First up an English Winter...

Beer Of The Month club November 2022

Jester King/Au Baron Farmhouse ales are my favorite beers to pair with a rich meal. Wine like characteristics from the barreling, complexity from the yeast and culture treatments. Refreshing and light in body. Plenty of...

Beer Of The Month club October 2022


Porters! Specifically Baltic Porters are an interesting style. Unlike traditional Porters that are brewed with traditional ale yeasts, Baltic Porters are brewed using lager yeasts. Baltic brewers tried their hand at making their own version of the Imperial Stout and ended up creating the Baltic Porter. So technically, the Baltic Porter is almost a lager version of an Imperial stout that has made a name for itself around the world as a style. Pohjala is from Estonia, at the edge of the gulf of Finland in the Baltic sea. They know Baltic porters well and tend to brew them in the fall months as things cool down and nights get longer & darker. 

Variations on a theme.

On top of being a go-to for a traditional Baltic porter, Põhjala are also playful and have fun with modern treatments of their beers, so to really have fun with the style I’ve lined up some variations for you all.

Öö meaning “night” is one of their standard straight forward Imperial Baltic Porters and in my opinion, the best of them. Killer example of the style!

Pime Öö meaning “dark night” is the Imperial Stout counterpart to Öö and a great example of what happens when a Baltic brewery focus’s on brewing an Imperial Stout.  

Baltic Porter Day was brewed for Baltic porter day this year. It’s an imperial Baltic Porter aged in Palo Santo wood, a hard dense wood with very unique characteristics. 

Jätku leiba is an Imperial Baltic porter brewed with toasted rye flakes & aged in Bourbon and American Rye Whiskey barrels. Yum! .

September 2022 Beer of The Month

This month we have been working hard on bringing in new fresh beers from local breweries. For the first time we were able to get our hands on some brews from Armistice out of Richmond...

August 2022 Beer of the Month Club

Autumn is nearly upon us, and we are ready. The end of August marks the end-of-summer across much of North America, but it is usually the beginning of San Francisco's warmest time of year. Picnics...