Every day in California is a celebration of viticulture. The Golden State is the fourth leading wine producer in the world, after Italy, France, and Spain, and responsible for 85% of all US wine production. There are 5,900 wine grape growers and 4,200 bonded wineries across 138 AVAs (American Viticultural Areas) in the state, from the tiny Seiad Valley just south of the Oregon border to the sprawling South Coast AVA that reaches all the way to Mexico. Altogether, California farms 635,000 acres of vines, planted to 110 different varietals, that yield almost 4 million tons of grapes annually (1 ton = 63 cases of finished wine.) September is specifically designated as California Wine Month, and with good reason - it falls right in the middle of harvest. From August to November, local wine labor is an all-hands-on-deck feat of ceaseless grape picking, sorting and crushing. It is the culmination of the previous year’s painstaking cultivation, and the foundation on which the entire industry - from distribution to retail and hospitality - rests. Our roses this month are both outstanding realizations of California harvests’ past; they are a great excuse to raise a glass to the immense collective effort of the moment, and to the promise of the good times to come it represents.

Think Pink!

Carrie Upson- General Manager


Skinner Rosé 2020

Region: El Dorado County, California

About the Winery

Kevin and Kathy Skinner were headed home to Santa Cruz from Lake Tahoe when Kathy spotted “Skinners, CA” near Rescue on an old, dog-eared map. They couldn’t help but take the short detour and have a look around, and, they discovered that a Scottish miner named James Skinner had done well enough during the gold rush to purchase land and plant the vast vineyards that became J. Skinner Winery and Distillery, one of the first wineries in the nation in 1861. Could it be possible that the roots of those vines were somehow connected to Kevin’s own family’s heritage?


Having lost both of his parents and unaware of his family’s history, Kevin’s father, Mike, soon learned that James Skinner was indeed his great, great, great grandfather. Joined by his wife, Carey, they traveled to the area within two weeks, and soon purchased  25 acres a few miles from the original property with a commitment to honor what James had originally built, including the same varieties of vines that he planted a century and a half earlier. By 2007 they had acquired 

more vineyards and land upon a ridge top on the steep green hills around Fair Play and began building the now acclaimed Skinner Vineyards & Winery.


About the winemaking: The 2020 Rose was made with intention.  Each lot was selected specifically for rose production and farmed and harvested accordingly. The fruit from each lot was hand-sorted, macerated for 6 hours, and cold-pressed.  The juice was settled and blended into a combination of concrete and stainless steel for an entirely native fermentation.  Malolactic conversion was arrested early on in order to retain natural acidity, and bottled soon after to capture freshness. 54% Counoise  26% Mourvèdre  12% Grenache 8% Cinsault. 

Tasting notes:  The 2020 rosé is wild and snappy, with brilliant aromatics of guava, lavender, lingonberry and citrus peel. The wine boasts a vivid deluge of ruby red grapefruit, punctuated with tangy floral accents.

Winemaker: Seth Hunt

Price per bottle/Price per case: 

$20 btl/ $216 case

Suggested Food Pairing:

Roast chicken with herbs

Grilled cheese with prosciutto

Asparagus Salad with sunny side up egg

Crab Risotto


Morgan Rosé of Grenache 2021

Region: Arroyo Secco, Monterey, California 

About the Winemaker:  Coming from a small town in California’s Central Valley, Dan Morgan Lee had prepared initially for the study of veterinary medicine at the University of California, Davis. It was late in his college career that he discovered enology satisfied his interest in both science and agriculture. Immediately enrolling in the graduate enology program, Dan completed his studies and was hired as winemaker at Jekel Winery in Monterey County.

After serving his apprenticeship at Jekel, Dan moved up the road to Durney Vineyard where he continued to make Monterey wines. While making wine full-time for Durney, Dan aspired to craft his own label. It was at a meeting of the Monterey County Winegrowers Association that he shared his vision with a banker. In addition to becoming his business advisor, that banker would also become Dan's wife

In 1982, Dan and Donna Lee opened the doors of Morgan Winery. Their very first Monterey Chardonnay earned a Gold Medal at the LA County Fair and a Platinum Medal from Wine & Spirits Magazine. Since then, Morgan has become one of the Central Coast’s most recognized labels, earning “Winery of the Year” honors from Wine & Spirits in 1996 and from the San Francisco Chronicle in 2003. 

About the winemaking: Located on the west side of the Salinas Valley, the Arroyo Seco Appellation is uniquely characterized by an ancient riverbed (arroyo seco means ‘dry river’) surrounded by alluvial benchlands. Well-drained, stone-laden soil and cool coastal influence from nearby Monterey Bay yield grapes with concentrated flavor and balanced acidity.  This Rosé of Grenache is produced using fruit dedicated solely to rosé production, picked at lower sugar and higher acids. The grapes were destemmed and left to macerate for one hour, then pressed. Its clean fermentation yielded a wine with bright fruit flavors and refreshing acidity, making it light and approachable. Fermented in stainless and aged in neutral oak and stainless for four months. 524 cases produced. 

Tasting notes: Lively aromas of watermelon, bubblegum, and grapefruit blossom are followed by flavors of ruby grapefruit and strawberry. Dry and medium bodied, this wine is incredibly versatile. 

Winemaker: Dan Morgan Lee

Price per bottle/Price per case:  

 $20 btls/ $216 case

Suggested Food Pairing:

Baba Ghanoush

Mediterranean Chopped Butter Chicken Ratatouille Salad

Butter Chicken

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