Jester King/Au Baron

Farmhouse ales are my favorite beers to pair with a rich meal. Wine like characteristics from the barreling, complexity from the yeast and culture treatments. Refreshing and light in body. Plenty of acid to cut through a fatty gravy or meat. You get the idea. For this month’s selection I choose two 750ml bottles hoping the larger format will make at your table this holiday season. 

Jester King: This Texas brewery began as a farmhouse brewery committed to mixed culture and spontaneous fermentation. Their beers incorporate well water, local grains, fruits and vegetables, foraged plants, and native yeast and bacteria all in the pursuit of making a beer uniquely tied to a time, place, and people. Their inspiration comes from the classic farmhouse breweries of Europe that embrace principles of subtlety, restraint, patience, full attenuation, and interesting fermentation character. They utilize Texas-grown grains and Texas malts whenever they can, often from farming on their own land.

Au Baron: The Brasserie Au Baron is located in Gussignies, France at the bottom of a picturesque valley, nestled on the edge of a small stream. What was at the time a small village bistro became a craft brewery in 1989. Authentic and rustic beers are brewed there among the arcadian smell of the bocage. The famous Cuvée des Jonquilles is brewed there, as well as other inspired beers that will delight the most knowledgeable connoisseurs. The Brasserie Au Baron is also a restaurant with a large terrace by the water. You can taste the products of local artisans and quench your thirst with the beers brewed on site.

Happy Feasting!


Jester King - Noble King

Location: Austin, Texas

Noble King is a medium strength, highly attenuated, unspiced farmhouse ale brewed with an abundance of organic noble hops and fermented with wild yeasts from the Texas Hill Country. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and 100% naturally conditioned.

Beer style: Hoppy Farmhouse Saison

5.9% abv

Serve 43–50° F

Au Baron/Jester King - Noblesse Oblige

Location: Gussignies, France

A Biere De Garde (“beer for keeping") is a strong pale ale traditionally brewed in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France. These beers were originally brewed in farmhouses (known as Farmhouse Ales) during the winter and spring, to avoid unpredictable problems with the yeast during the summertime. Brewed at Au Baron’s brewery in France in collaboration with Jester King.  A lighter version of Cuvée des Jonquilles with honey and Simcoe, Cascade, and Sorachi Ace hops.

Beer style: Bière de Garde

4.7% abv

Serve 43–50° F

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