For the month of April, we are excited and privileged to showcase two champagne producers who have never before

been featured in the US market. Champagne Telmont and Champagne Gamet both make champagnes that are terroir focused with a keen lens for sustainability. The environmental prudence both producers exercise is remarkable, but the bubbles themselves are lifted, elegant, and delicious.

Champagne Telmont is one of the most progressive Champagne houses in the pursuit of clean, sustainable, and transparent products. Every aspect is carefully considered, from the label, to the glass (which is 85% recycled glass), to the grape management. The founder of Telmont, Henri Lhôpital stated in 1912, “nature composes its own score. I merely interpret it without any wrong notes.” Over 100 years later, the house still abides by that doctrine. 

Champagne Gamet is a family-owned winery run today by Marianne Gamet, a fourth generation member of the family. She maintains the philosophy of her grandfather François. As a récoltant manipulant, Marianne’s vision is that Champagne Gamet will always maintain “the ability to control the entire production from A to Z. From the vineyard to the vinification to the cellar.” She represents a new generation of growers, bringing fresh energy and perspective to their family estates in the Vallée de la Marne.

In a year of supply chain issues and scarcities, it is refreshing to explore bottles that no one else has yet tried. It gives a fresh face to a land of “old and storied”, where these new characters are elevating the craft and adding depth, history, and new philosophies for others to follow. 


The PlumpJack Family

Telmont Reserve Brut NV


Damery (44%) Fontette (8.5%) Songy (6.8%) Avize (6.7%) Saudoy (5.8%) Cumières (4.3%) Nogent l'Abesse (4%) Virtues ( 3.6%) Vinay (2.3%) Chaumuzy (2%) Boursault (2%) Epernay (1.9%) Fontaine Denis (1.6%) Meurville (1.4%) Others (<1%)

About the Winery:  Champagne Telmont was birthed by Henri Lhôpital in 1912 to create his own champagne house, under his name. In 1937 André Lhôpital became Cellar Master following the death of his father who then passed te baton onto Serge who in turn handed it to the current vigneron, Bertrand. In 1968 Champagne de Telmont relocated to 1 Avenue de Champagne, Damery, at the base of the vineyard. It remains Telmont’s address to this day. Most recently, Telmont has new standards for its production: no more transparent bottles, no more packaging (such as boxes) , and new fully detailed labels that inform the consumer.

Vinification: The Reserve brut is comprised of 56% 2017 harvest and the rest primarily of 2016, 2015, and 2014. The 2017 harvest is a blend of 43% Chardonnay, 37% Meunier and 20% Pinot Noir. The initial fermentation for the 2017 harvest was completed in stainless steel tanks for 6 months with malolatic fermentation. Then it is blended with the reserve wine and aged on lees for 3 years.

Elevage: 6 months in stainless, 3 years on lees 


56% 2017

7% 2016

21% 2015

8% 2014

8% others

Harvest 2017

43% Chardonnay

37% Meunier

20% Pinot Noir

Dosage: 6.7 grams 

Tasting notes: Marked by honeysuckle and a hint of vanilla on the nose with an elegant foam. Plentiful in baked fruits: Mirabelle plum with a slight spice on the mid-palate that gives way to a long candied tropical-fruit and brisk mineral finish.


Bertrand Lhôpital

Price per bottle / Price per case:

$64/bottle           $768/case 

Suggested Food Pairing:

Strawberry and burrata toast with white vinegar

New England Crab Cakes

Shrimp and Avocado Tostadas

Champagne Gamet Brut Noir NV


Fleury-la-Rivière & Mardeuil

About the Winery: Champagne Gamet is a grower producer, with eight hectares of vineyards located in three villages – Mardeuil on the left bank and Fleury-la-Rivière and Damery on the right bank. Marianne’s brother, Jean-François, a trained enologist currently working in Bordeaux, travels back home to assist his sister and parents with harvest, blending, and bottling. Starting 2018, the estate has been run by Marianne Gamet who is the 4th generation head of the family. She is making distinctive and delicious Champagnes from eight hectares.. Gamet’s wines have clear imprint of place as well as an easy drinkability.

Vinification: Rive Droite is a blend of the terroirs of Damery and Fleury-la-Rivière. Damery is located on the edge of the marl, while Fleury-la-Rivière is located at the bottom of the valley, half-surrounded by the forest. It is a very sunny area and thus these terroirs appeal to Meunier & Pinot Noir. The soils are clay-limestone, sandy and marly. Soils of great diversity, where millions of years ago the  vines were  a tropical sea, rich in biodiversity. Today, shells and other fossils litter the soils of clayey-sandy areas, offering great Champagne wines and an intense saline content!

Elevage: Stainless steel, sur latte (racked on side) for 24-36 months on lees

Assemblage: 50% 2018, 50% reserve wine from 2015, 2016, and 2017. Both reserve wine and 2018 are a blend of 60% Meunier, 40% Pinot noir 

Dosage: 7-8 grams

Tasting notes: Wild Strawberries, ripe apricot, elevated and lifted pink fruit and white flowers. An abundance of aromas and fine mousse bubbles. 


 Marianne and Jean-François

Price per bottle / Price per case:

$ 56/bottle           $672 /case 

Suggested Food Pairing: 

Lox, cream cheese on sour dough with a squeeze of lime and dash of capers

Raspberry and Lemon Tart

Tuna Steak with a stone fruit and arugula salad

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