Hello Beer Club! My name is Spencer and I'll be running Beer of the Month here at PlumpJack from now on. I'll be sure to continue providing you all with tasty and unique brews from around the world. For my first pick, I chose a small craft brewery out of Sardinia!

Barley Craft Beer was founded in 2006 by brewer Nicola Perra and his partner, Isidoro Mascia, on the Mediterranean  island of Sardinia. Perra was credited in 2015 as the inventor of the Italian Grape Ale (IGA) style of beer. IGA's use the cooked must ("sapa") of wine grapes in the brewing process to make rich, full-bodied ales. Barley Craft's very first IGA, the BB Dexi, is one of their seasonal brews included in this month's selection. It uses the Sardinian red varietal Cannonau as sapa to produce a rich imperial stout. BCB create a wide range of styles at their brewery, including the "Sella del Diavolo" biere de garde and the "Toccadibo" strong golden ale. The beers are smooth and complex, and pair really well with rich stews, roast meats, or aged cheeses.

I'm excited to explore the world of beer with you all! I can't wait to hear what you all think of this month's picks. 


Spencer Alexander/ Beer Buyer

Barley Craft Beer BB Dexi (10.0%)

Sardinia, Italy

Tasting Notes:

Perra uses a cooked concentrate of ‘Cannonau’ grapes (Sardinian name for Grenache) to add richness in both color and flavor to this imperial stout.

Bouquet of toffee and dark cherry.

Bold palette of chocolate, caramel and coffee which gives way to a deep plum and fig fruitiness. Incredibly smooth sipper. Enjoy on a cold day.

Nicola Perra

$18 per bottle / $216 per case

Suggested Food Pairing

-Braised beef

-Pecorino cheese

-Ricotta cake

Barley Craft Beer Taccadibo (8.4%)

Sardinia, Italy

Tasting Notes

Dry but fruity nose on this strong golden ale, leaning towards stonefruits like peach and apricot. Touch of hops as well.

Crisp, peachy and malted flavor. Very light carbonation makes it an incredibly smooth drink. Minor toasted notes help to round out the overall palette. Slightest hint of the coriander seeds used in the brewing process but stays in the background.

Nicola Perra

$13 per bottle / $156 per case

Suggested Food Pairings

-Poultry dishes

-Fully matured cheeses

-Fruit tarts

Barley Craft Beer Sella Del Diavolo (6.5%)

Sardinia, Italy

Tasting Notes

Uses 6 different kinds of malt to brew this biere de garde, including base, toasted, and caramel malts. Moderate hopping gives it a balanced herbaceous and peppery nose.

Smooth, lighter ale out of this month’s selections. Dry beer with fun toasted flavors and a very slight smokiness. Notes of red fruit, including cherry and plum.

Nicola Perra

$13 per bottle / $156 per case

Suggested Food Pairing

-Roast lamb

-Medium matured cheeses

-Chocolate cakes

-Dried fruit cakes

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