Champagne Club June 2022

Here at PlumpJack we take pride in being your “Sommelier” - curating for you with thought and intention. However, this month we decided to go showcase a few favor...

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April '22 Champagne Club

For the month of April, we are excited and privileged to showcase two champagne producers who have never before


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Champagne Club February 2022

Is there a more perfect pairing than Valentine’s Day and Champagne? This month, we are presenting two beautiful bottles from married couples who exemplify “Love w...

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December 2021 Champagne Club

When planning a trip to Champagne, most likely the focus will be on its two main towns, Reims and Epernay, around which two the heaven of bubbles rotates. Subsequ...

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champagne champagne club August 10, 2021

August Champagne Club

As summer advances, we are trying to get the most out of long daylight hours and enjoy parties and dinners during those longer afternoons and evenings.  Summertime offers more opportunities to s...

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June Champagne Club : Exploring Côte des Blancs

We love champagne why deny it? We love brut, extra-brut, brut nature, and sometime...

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Champagne Club April 2021

Spring has arrived! Flowers are blooming all around, the weather is warm, the days are getting longer, all calling for more time outdoors. We all want to see our friends and families after such ...

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champagne champagne club February 14, 2021

Champagne Club: Welcome 2021!

Bonjour à tous les amateurs de champagne !

We are starting this year’s Champagne Club with two new and exciti...

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