October '22 Champagne Club

Domaine Lancelot-Royer

In August we focused on the contribution of Pinot grapes - Noir and Munier - to the greatness tha...

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Italian Wine Club October '22: Valle D'Aosta

Valle D’Aosta

Tiny, alpine, and semi-autonomous, the Valle d’Aosta is Italy's smallest and least populous region.  ...

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Red Rogues Q2 2022

What is the global wine grape? It could be Cabernet Sauvignon - currently the most planted. (It is definitely not...

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Rose Club June 2022 : Pinot Noir Pinks for Pride

     Now that summer is in full swing we hope you’re enjoying more rosé than ever, and we are excited to share this month’s selections with you.  We’ve found two ...

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Champagne Club June 2022

Here at PlumpJack we take pride in being your “Sommelier” - curating for you with thought and intention. However, this month we decided to go showcase a few favor...

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Gin Club Quarter 2 2022

With summer quickly approaching, I find myself daydreaming of sipping ice-cold gin cocktails in the warmth of the sun. But in San Francisco, where sunshine can be...

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May 2022 Rose Club

With just over 1000 wineries, 400+ grape growers, and 60,000 acres of wine grapes, Washington State is the 2nd largest wine producing state in the U.S. They produ...

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May Puglia be your favorite part of the boot.


Which do you think came first: the boot or the Boot? 

In a sense, Puglia - our destination...

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April Italian Wine Club : Sicily, Sicily, Oh Sicilia!


Sicily is one of the biggest wine success stories of the past twenty years and small wonder. The largest island in the Mediterranean, ...

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April '22 Champagne Club

For the month of April, we are excited and privileged to showcase two champagne producers who have never before


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February WOM 2022

      In the wine world, sometimes it seems like all roads do, in fact, lead to the Rhône Read More

Champagne Club February 2022

Is there a more perfect pairing than Valentine’s Day and Champagne? This month, we are presenting two beautiful bottles from married couples who exemplify “Love w...

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Italian Wine Club January 2022


As many of you know, 2022 brings a major change to the Italian Wine Club - Elio Longobardi, creator and curator of the club, retired at the...

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