Oktoberfest! Just the word itself brings up images of mugs of beer, savory foods, and having fun with friends. Drawing around six million visitors, who drink an estimated 2 million gallons of beer, Oktoberfest has been named one of, if not the, largest folk festival in the world! Despite its popularity, many people have not yet learned of its origins as a 5 day long wedding between the Crown Prince of Bavaria, who would later become King Ludwig I of Bavaria, and Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. Spanning from October 12th to October 17th 1810, the wedding featured among other things, a horse race. The following year, the attendees enjoyed the event so much that it was combined with the regional agricultural fair and here we can see the innately bavarian seeds of Oktoberfest!
But that then raises the question: Why is Oktoberfest, a festival with the german word for October in its name, in September? Well… since Oktoberfest is mainly held outdoors, festival goers complained about Munich’s not so favorable weather, and by 1905 the festival planners heeded their wishes and since then Oktoberfest has been held from September 15th til the first Sunday of October.
Throughout its 200+ year history it has only been canceled 26 times for various pandemics (COVID 19 included) and wars. While many things have changed, horse races only occur on important anniversaries, the date, and most importantly its matrimonial origins, the festival only seems to be growing in popularity breaking records each and every year.
This September, in correspondence with the festival, we are featuring some of our favorite local breweries renditions of popular beers featured at the festival. 
PlumpJack Team

Temescal Brewing Oktoberfest

Origin: Oakland, California

It’s Oktoberfest season — the most magical / drinkable time of year! 

Oktoberfest is a beloved beer on team Temescal that sublimely balances a smooth, toasty maltiness with a refreshing, herbal hoppiness. Barke, an heirloom variety of German barley, has a refined, intense malt character, reminiscent of a toasty biscuit and honey. Noble Tettnang hops add herbal layers of green tea and a spicy finish. 

An endlessly drinkable festbier, Oktoberfest is best enjoyed in large quantities, in meandering drinking sessions, and in festive company.

Beer Style: Festbier

Abv: 5.5%

Laughing Monk Brewing Monktober

Origin: San Francisco, California

A toasty Munich Style Dunkle. Light and crushable with notes of roasted nuts, coffee, and bread. 

Beer Style: Munich Dunkle

Abv: 5.9%

Standard Deviant Oktoberfest

Origin: San Francisco, California

Smashable light amber lager with subtle malt-sweetness, classic light German Festbier

Beer Style: Festbier

Abv: 5.6%

East Brother Oktoberfest

Origin: San Francisco, California

A smooth, clean, pale German lager with a moderately strong malty flavor and a light hop character. Deftly balances strength and drinkability, with a palate impression and finish that encourages drinking. Showcases elegant German malt flavors without becoming too heavy or filling.

Beer Style: Festbier

Abv: 5.8%

Armistice Brewing Afterfest Festbier

Origin: Richmond, California

This lager is closer to the festbier that’s traditionally served at the annual beer bonanza than the sweeter, darker Oktoberfest/Marzen versions of the style. It’s just a touch breadier than a pilsner, but still crisp, balanced, and refreshing, and definitely quaffable in large quantities.

Beer Style: Festbier

Abv: 5.3%

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