Mad Fritz- One Valley; Two Passions

“There is an old saying that ‘it takes a lot of beer to make great wines….’ Well, we can attest to it! After nearly 25 years of home brewing to quench our thirst, we decided to go-pro. The stack of recipes are too many to count. These recipes and their styling are often layered with a culinary perspective along with visions of a cold frothy beer at the end of a long day of winemaking. In 2012 we began to turn this passion into reality. We reached out to the community around us, the barrel suppliers, equipment manufacturers and our local farmers to literally test the waters. We pulled barrels and equipment from our wineries and began building a custom brewing system. In 2014, we found a small space in St Helena, received a use permit and began creating our beers….Wow! How did that happen? A lot of sweat, determination and of course help from our family, friends, and colleagues…Did we say wine! Yes, it’s only fitting that “it takes a lot of wine to make great beer!”

     We craft ales and lagers with an emphasis on controlling the raw materials furthering the expression of a time, pleace and the people who make it happen. The best beers are always crafted while including the community. The Napa Valley is an incredible place that inspires us to grow, ferment, and create; wine, food, and beer! We have an endless number of skilled farmers, viticulturalists, and just fun people to work with that love the dirt. At the end of the day, beer is kind of like people…..we are distinctive, complex, diversified, and prone to be interpreted in many different ways.”- Nile Zacherle & Whitney Fisher

 Cheers to Beers!

Mad Fritz Brewing The Peacock and Jupiter White Ale

Origin: Napa,  CA

This White Ale or a Belgian Wit-bier was created from an earlier rendition that we had worked on with our even smaller pilot system. We called it Whit’s Wit after my wife Whitney, for obvious reasons! We brew the base with Scarlet variety barley from Alamosa CO and 33% White Wheat, then with a light bittering hand of hops and aroma infuse Cardamom, Coriander, Lemongrass and Mandarin rinds at the end of the kettle. We used a new selection of yeast for primary in stainless then racked to neutral white wine barrels for one month of aging. We usually see another pick up in fermentation from a house yeast, then rack to bottling and natural fermentation in the bottle/keg for carbonation. This beer is a foamy delight in the summer. Its 5.6 to 6.5% ABV is hidden by explosive spice characters that almost seem like a citrus soda on the palate; clean and crisp.

Price: $34.99 btl

Beer style: Wit-bier

Water Source: Calistoga

Grain Source: Alamosa, CO

Variety: Scarlet (Craft Malted)

Adjuncts: White Wheat 30%

Hop Source: Yakima, WA

Hops: Hallerton

IBUs: 19

Barrel: French Oak

Botanicals: Coriander, Lemongrass, Cardamom, Mandarin

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