Welcome to another month of beer! This month’s club highlights Alvarado Street Brewery and their sour beer production, Yeast of Eden. Alvarado Street has been one of the more sought-after breweries in Central California, and a personal favorite of mine since they opened in 2014. Their beer has typically only been available in select bars and restaurants, but COVID shutdowns forced many breweries to pivot toward retail sales. Now we can get Alvarado Street here at PlumpJack. 

Yeast of Eden began as a side project for Alvarado Street around 2015, and began releasing beers regularly in 2019. Rather than the hoppy, fresh beers that Alvarado Street is famous for, Yeast of Eden focuses on beers produced with wild and naturally occurring yeasts that take far longer to produce.

Strata Pale Ale  

Alvarado Street Brewing 

Brewed with 100% Strata hops from Oregon and a neutral ale yeast.

Pours slightly opaque gold with bright, citrusy hops on the nose. Crisp and bitter on the palate with just a touch of crackery malt. Smooth, satisfying finish. 

Monterey, California 

Single Hop Pale 


Mai Tai 

Alvarado Street Brewery 

Winner of Great American Beer Festival Gold medals in 2015/2018 and Great American Beer Festival Silver in 2016. Brewed with 100% Mosaic hops.

Pours clear gold with aromas of tropical fruit. Juicy, fruity, and refreshing on the palate with a snappy, bitter finish. Really clean. One of my favorite West Coast IPAs out there. 

Monterey, California 

Tropical West Coast IPA 


Saison Recolte

Yeast of Eden 

Pours pale gold with a slight unfiltered appearance. Grassy citrus on the nose with notes of Brett and yeast. Meyer lemon and light acidity on the  palate with a dry, crisp finish. 

Monterey, California 

Wet Hop Saison 


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