Wine? I thought this was a Beer Club!

On top of SF Beer Week and all of the events that go along with it, February is traditionally Barleywine season In the Bay Area. Toronado hosts a Barleywine festival and we see a lot of strong ale’s from Barleywines, to Imperial Stouts, and even Triple IPA’s all over the bay. This month I have put together 3 differing Barleywines for you to enjoy. An English Barleywine from Manchester, an American style Barleywine from Italy, and a Wheat Wine brewed with honey and aged 12 months in Bourbon barrels. 

Barleywine beer is a strong ale that leans heavily on its malt characteristics for flavor. With a wide color range and characteristically high in alcohol content, this is a style that is often aged in a variety of barrels, as it evolves well over time.



J.W. Lee’s - Harvest Ale

Location: Manchester, UK

This limited edition vintage English Barleywine is made but once a year. It's brewed with the first hops to be harvested, and then we add the very finest British malt. 

Beer style: English Barleywine

11.5% abv, Serve 55–60°F

Brewfist - Le Trinidad El Pedro

Location: Italy

American Style Barleywine Aged for one year in Pedro Ximenez Barrels.

Beer style: American style Barleywine

13.8% abv, Serve 55-60° F

Jackie O’s - Wood Ya Honey

Location: San Francisco, CA

Wood Ya Honey is a wheat wine style ale brewed with generous

amounts of local wild flower honey. After aging in bourbon barrels

for one year, this beer emerges with the decadent character of

dripping honey comb, marzipan, and raisin.

Beer style: Wheat Wine

13.1% abv, Serve 50-60° F

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