Goyo García Viadero is a viticulturist who has made himself creating his own brand despite being the son of the founder of Bodegas Valduero. Its philosophy is to recover old vineyards full of potential, first in the Ribera del Duero area of ​​Burgos, and later in areas less known by the general public, but which are currently developing large wine projects, such as Arlanza and Cantabria .

In addition, García Viadero is a defender of the idea that the wine is made in the vineyard with the minimum intervention, expressing itself to the land and the vines and retouching the process in the winery to refine the product. Hence, their wines are a translation of the terroir to the bottle and the process to achieve it is very natural for the consumer to drink the field.

The winemaker from Burgos is one of the architects of the change of paradigm that is taking place in the Ribera del Duero when it comes to making wines. The new creators are returning to the origins and offering fresher wines with less presence of wood due to aging in small barrels very used.

Our protagonist has had no qualms about joining Tomás Cobo to elaborate his Cantabrian wines inscribed in the Designation of Origin Vinos de la Tierra de Liébana and his partner Diana Semova Geogieva to make a wine in the DO Arlanza. Now you can enjoy in Barcelonavinos their unique wines discovering great natural products full of originality and exclusivity.