Well ladies, love it or hate it, the day of giant bouquets and bad chocolates is upon us. Whether you’re considering a romantic night out with your significant other, the dreaded double blind date or watching Lifetime movies alone, we’re opting in to a lesser known holiday to help Valentine’s day become everyone’s favorite time of the year.. Enter “Galentine’s Day” held on February 13th.

If you haven’t already binged hours of NBC’s Parks and Rec, you need to treat yo’ self, immediately. Leslie Knope’s "Galentine’s Day" is a celebration of honoring friendships, and above all yourself. As Knope puts it, the day is all about “Ladies celebrating ladies...plus frittatas.” We think she missed one important element, the booze....

 1. When it comes to bingeing trash TV and Lifetime movies, you and your pals could win olympic golds. 


You’re going to need Beer and a lot of it. We recommend 4 packs of Henhouse IPA, Offshoot Relax Hazy IPA, and Headlands Point Bonita Pilsner.

2. Grandma is your only Valentine, which means you just got a crisp $20 in the mail. Our favorite five wines under $20 to share with your besties. 


You'll be needing: True Myth Cabernet, King Estate Pinot Gris, DRNK Pinot Noir, Laurenz Singing Gruner Veltliner, and Bodega Quinta Sardonia "Sardon".

3. You want to burn your memories from all of your exes, so you’re taking notes from Monica, Phoebe and Rachel and participating in the “cleansing ritual.”


You’re going to need a few Margaritas to get in the groove. Try Tommy's Margarita Mix with Tequila Ocho Reposado.

4. If your friend is trying to pull an “Operation find Ann a date” and you know you’ve got to get out of it.


You'll be savouring a bottle of CADE Estate Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon.

5. You just got asked out by the equivalent of "Date Mike" so you and your pals are popping bottles and spending your evening at the local watering hole to shake the bad juju.

You'll be sipping on J Cuveé 20 Brut  & J Brut Rosé 

6. You don’t have a date so you’ll be pulling a Karen Smith. "I can't go out tonight *fake coughs*. I'm sick." We have just the thing to keep you company. 

Cue the Galantin Rosé

No matter how you’re participating on the 14th of February, remember that there is an entire day dedicated to, you (and pretty much everyone else like you). In solidarity ladies and gents! 

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