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February Champagne Club

February 13, 2020

February Champagne Club

This is the month where we celebrate LOVE. We dedicate February to those special ones in our life, celebration of Saint Valentines, the protector of the lovers. We are all in agreement that it is always time for champagne. However, there are times when Champagne is all that a moment needs. February definitely falls in the latter. We give and receive chocolates and flowers; but the “joie de vivre” of this celebratory day is a special bottle of champagne! The bottles we have chosen for you this month are very special. We are featuring two recoltant manipulant (RM) Champagnes; small growers with two different expressions and interpretations on making champagne: Pierre and Phillipe Aubry and Marc Hebrart. Toast these special champagnes with the special person in your life, or toast to yourself for being a member of our club

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