Happy Holidays from the land of rosé! This winter I hope to showcase several fuller bodied, weightier rosés that can stand up to the cold weather.

The Caveau Savoyard Rosé comes from the Savoie region of France. Prior to being controlled by France, Savoie was part of the kingdom of Italy, and is just west of the Swiss border. The region of Savioe is under 5,000 acres and accounts for a mere 0.5% of France’s wine production. If you like white wines, this region is for you, as 70% of the wine produced is white. Monduese and Persan are the most predominant red grapes grown in this region, but this rosé is made from 100% Gamay.

Osa! Frappato Rosato from Paolo Cali comes to your from Sicily. Frappato is an Italian red grape varietal primarily grown in Sicily, and it produces light bodied wines with a distinct fruity, grapey aroma. There are very few varietal bottlings of Frappato, as it is often used as a blending grape with Nero d’Avola. As the quality of Sicilian wine is at an all-time high, Frappato is gaining popularity exponentially. 

2018 Caveau Savoyard Gamay Rosé- $13

About the Winery and Winemaking: Caveau Savoyard was founded in 1853, currently run by the seventh generation of the Perrier family. The domaine has slowly expanded over the generations, and today is the largest estate vineyard in the region with 62 hectares of vines. Vineyard work is sustainable; grapes are hand-harvested and gently vinified in stainless steel tank after a few hours of skin contact. Primary and malolactic fermentation occur in steel tanks.

About the region: Located in the foothills of the Alps, Savoie neighbors Jura (north), Switzerland (east), and Bugey (west across the Rhône). Most vineyards are planted between 800-1800 feet - despite the elevation (and alpine environment), southern sun exposure and the moderating effects of nearby rivers and lakes create a warmer microclimate. The region spans just under 5,000 acres (2000 ha) and is dominated by limestone soils, but there is quite a bit of diversity across the small appellation.

Tasting notes: A delicate rosé with aromas and flavors of red fruits (currents, cherries), pineapple and citrus, white flowers, and herbs de Provence. The tonic, harmonious notes of minerality and crisp fruit reflects the granite and limestone slopes of the Alps.

2018 Paolo Cali Osa! Frappato Rosato- $28

About the winery: The vines are cultivated on sea sands, shaped by the wind and the rain like dunes. They only plant native Sicilian varieties, such as Frappato, Nero d’Avola, and Grillo, and they vinify them to enhance the peculiarities of the soil and the climate

About the winemaking: 100% Frappato. The de-stemmed grapes are subjected to cyromaceration, which follows alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature; subsequently the wine is aged on its own lees, until it is bottled.

Tasting Notes: This is not a quiet wine. OSA!, served very fresh, is distinguished by that strange sensation of euphoria given by the fragrance of a perfume reminiscent of raspberry and rose and that conveys the spirit of conviviality.- Paolo Cali

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