italian italian wine club wine club November 14, 2022

November '22 Italian Wine Club: Campania


The ‘shin' of Italy’s boot, Campania is one of the country’s oldest wine regions (the Greeks, Romans, and Byzantines all planted grapes her...

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Italian Wine Club October '22: Valle D'Aosta

Valle D’Aosta

Tiny, alpine, and semi-autonomous, the Valle d’Aosta is Italy's smallest and least populous region.  ...

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September 2022 Italian Wine Club- Emilia Romagna


Tuscany may draw more tourists, but Emilia-Romagna, its neighbor to the north, mounts a mosaic of Italian cultural splendor everywher...

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Italian Wine Club June 2022


 Lombardia (aka Lombardy) crowns Italy’s central northern boundary, bordering Switzerland to the north, but its influence reigns much...

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May Puglia be your favorite part of the boot.


Which do you think came first: the boot or the Boot? 

In a sense, Puglia - our destination...

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April Italian Wine Club : Sicily, Sicily, Oh Sicilia!


Sicily is one of the biggest wine success stories of the past twenty years and small wonder. The largest island in the Mediterranean, ...

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Italian Wine Club January 2022


As many of you know, 2022 brings a major change to the Italian Wine Club - Elio Longobardi, creator and curator of the club, retired at the...

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December Italian Wine Club 2021: Buone Feste da Montalcino!

Buone Feste da Montalcino!

To close the year, we need a wine that goes above and beyond, something that says “it’s...

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Italian Wine Club November 2021 : Emilia-Romagna


Emilia-Romagna stretches east to west in the northern part of Italy. It shares the Apennines Mounta...

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October Italian Wine Club 2021 :Sicilia-Isole Eolie

Sicilia-Isole Eolie

This trip to Sicily will bring us not to the main island, but to the archipelago of Isole Eoli...

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italian wine club September 27, 2021

Italian Wine of the Month Club - September 2021


Basilicata, also known by its ancient name Lucania Read More

Italian Wine Club July 2021: Piedmont

When we consider the wines of Piemonte, or Piedmont, we usually think of Barolo and Barbaresco from Nebbiolo grapes, or Barbera and Dolcetto for reds and Arneis or Gavi for whites. But Piemonte ...

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May Italian Wine Club: "When Two Become One"

Abruzzi e Molise

This month we are visiting a region that doesn’t exist anymore…or to better say, it still exists ...

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Italian Wine Club March 2021

I’m sure I’ve already said this, but Campania has a special place in my heart: it’s where I came from, where my roots are.

It’s always an extreme pleasure going back, even if only virtual...

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