For all of us in San Francisco, June Gloom is here; but hopefully these beers can be a bright spot amongst the fog. Revel in the beauty that is SF Summer while you enjoy our selections from Oxbow Brewing Company.

Oxbow is based in rural Newcastle, Maine and specializes in farmhouse ales. The brewery’s name refers to the bends and twists of the river systems near the brewery that are controlled by the tides from the nearby ocean. In addition to their brewery, Oxbow operates two restaurants, as well as two farms where they grow fruit and vegetables to serve at their taprooms. Their beer is made with patience and care, and leans heavily on traditional European Saison styles. The beer is fun, delicious, balanced, nuanced and has a distinct house style. I really enjoyed this month's beers, and I think you will, too.



Farmhouse Pale Ale 

Newcastle, Maine 

Light lemon and floral notes on the nose. Pours pale, opaque gold with fizzy carbonation. On the palette, the beer has a light acidity and a slight hop bitterness. On the back end there is a  bit of spice and yeast character with a dry, clean finish.

Oxbow Brewing Co. 

American-Hopped Blonde Farmhouse Ale 



Newcastle, Maine 

Notes of roasted malt and honey with creamy carbonation and a dark amber, opaque color. Light bitterness and sweet malt on the palette. Clean, balanced finish. 

Oxbow Brewing Co. 

Dry-hopped Alpine lager


Infinite Darkness 

Newcastle, Maine

Pours dark brown-black with a frothy head that’s tinged rootbeer-brown. Roasted coffee and dark malt on the nose followed by coffee, hazelnut and dark fruit on the palette. Very dry finish for such a dark, rich beer. Really well balanced.  

Oxbow Brewing Co. 

Farmhouse Imperial Stout 

Past Tense

Newcastle, Maine 

Fresh lime zest and saltwater on the nose. Pours bright, opaque blonde. Crisp lime rind and salinity on the palette with just a bit of spice and a punchy, tart finish. Still well balanced, not overpowering on the acid level.  

Oxbow Brewing Co. 

Stainless-steel aged farmhouse ale with sea salt and lime 


Newcastle, Maine

Pours golden and slightly opaque. Citrus and hops on the nose. Balanced acidity with notes of lemon meringue and citrus rind on the palette. Really well balanced beer, doesn’t have any puckering, overwhelming acidity. Finishes clean and dry. 

Oxbow Brewing Co. 

Wet-hopped farmhouse ale 

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