When it comes to Rosé, the Grenache grape is hard to beat. Rosés made from Grenache have bright red fruit notes like strawberry, raspberry, and watermelon, as well as interesting floral and herbal notes. In the Southern Rhone, arguably the world’s most renowned region for Rosé, Grenache leads the Rosé blends or is made as a single varietal. Grenache adds fresh red fruit flavors, as mentioned, as well as good body, to its blends. But more and more, winemakers and consumers are paying attention to Grenache as a single varietal rosé. The Grenache empire continues to expand, and the grape can now be found in many wine growing regions.

Grenache is thought to have originally come from Spain, where it is called Garnacha. From there it spread through the south of France and into the Rhône Valley. In France, its name was changed to Grenache, and today it is most commonly referred to as such throughout the world. Grenache loves a warm climate, and has happily adapted to many warm-weather regions outside of Spain. In California, Rhone grapes have seen a spike in popularity. The climate is ideal for Grenache, and many winemakers are making high-quality single varietal reds and rosés. For this month’s selection, we are thrilled to offer one excellent example of how well Grenache can do in California, as well as one from its spiritual (if not native) home in the Southern Rhône. We hope you enjoy experiencing two sides of one very delicious grape!


Carrie Upson

General Manager

2020 La Lieff Rosé of Grenache

Region/Country of Origin: San Luis Obispo, California

About the Winery: California’s Central Coast has more women winemakers than any other region in the world. This gives La Lieff an opportunity to be a truly woman owned and operated wine company. All key elements are managed by women, from the vineyard ownership/management, the winemaking, and the icon of our brand - Gaia, the Goddess of the Earth, who is featured on our La Lieff Label.

About the Winemaking:  This lovely Rosé is crafted from our Grenache grapes, which are whole cluster pressed and fermented, allowing an exquisite long silky mouthfeel. With aromatics of strawberry, watermelon, jasmine and lime, this Rosé offers multiple layers of complexity before a luscious finish. Cheers!

Tasting Notes: A more classic fruit-forward, California Rosé. Elegant and boldly feminine, this is a new world class wine with subtle hints of strawberry. Light floral aromas of rose petal and nectarine blend with clay and damp stone. The delicate palate hints of peach, tangerine, Pink Lady apples, and a touch of minerality. This elegant Rosé finishes with a crisp pucker of acidity and is reminiscent of classic wines from the south of France.

Winemaker: Kris Curran

Price: $27 btl/ $291.60 case

Suggested Food Pairing:

Mezze platters



2020 Clos Bellane ‘Altitude’ Rosé

Region/Country of Origin: Southern Rhone, France

About the Winery: Acquired in 2010 by Stéphane Vedeau, Clos Bellane is located on top of the Vinsobres plateau, north of the Enclave des Papes. The situation further north is a guarantee of an annual temperature conducive to a slow maceration of the berries, a guarantee of elegance and delicate notes in the resulting wine. And with its 400 meters of altitude, the aspect provides more freshness in the warm summer months.

About the Winemaking: 100% Grenache from one of the highest elevation and coolest climate sections of the Southern Rhone. The vines are at a 410 meter altitude on an eastern exposure in the Valréas village of the Southern Rhone. The vines are planted on limestone. The wine is made using indigenous yeast and is fermented and aged in tank.

Tasting Notes: Orange zest and strawberry on the fabulously fragrant nose. Silky, focused raspberry and tangerine flavors show beautiful depth and energy, thanks to a spine of juicy acidity. Lingers gorgeously on the finish, leaving a subtle floral note behind.

Winemaker: Stéphane Vedeau

Price: $14 bottle/$151.20 case

Suggested Food Pairing:


Soft cheeses, like brie or goat






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