Other Brother Beer Co. opened its doors in Seaside, CA in late 2019. Head Brewer and founding partner Kevin Brown is no stranger to the California beer scene. He’s brewed at both Alpine Beer Co. and Alvarado Street Brewery and he’s now taking the reins on his own endeavor. Other Brother brews amazing hoppy beer, but this month we are diving into some lesser-known styles. I really enjoyed these beers, and I hope you do as well. 

Beer Buyer & Spirits Supervisor

Chris Freeman

Cerveza La Reina 

Other Brother Beer Co. 

A Mexican-style lager brewed with flaked corn in the grain bill and dry-hopped with Citra and Mosaic hops. 

Strong, fruity aromatics on the nose. Clean and light on the palate with a dry, lightly bitter finish. An interesting interpretation of a Mexican Lager. If you like hops, that is. 

Seaside, California 

Hoppy Mexican Lager  

Mars Motel  

Other Brother Beer Co. 

Mars Motel is a wheat beer brewed with cherry, pineapple, and Cara Cara orange. The beer pours opaque amber with a foamy off-white head. Sweet oranges and ripe pineapple on the palate. Super well balanced and refreshing. 

Seaside, California 

Fruited Wheat 

Seasider Nelson 

Other Brother Beer Co. 

A SMASH Pale is a Single Malt/Single Hop Pale Ale. Other Brother produces this beer on a rotating basis, highlighting different hops in each iteration while using 100% Two-Row malt in the grain bill and Cal Ale yeast. In Seasider Nelson they use 100% Nelson hops from New Zealand. Nelson is known for it’s tropical fruit and diesel characteristics and has become a mainstay in Craft Beer.

Seaside, Ca 

SMASH Pale Ale

Super Custom

Other Brother Beer Co. 

Kentucky Commons is a rarity nowadays. The style shares similar origins to Steam Beer or a California Common, both are fermented at fairly high temperatures and were born out of necessity when ice and refrigeration were not widely available. 

The beer pours dark copper/brown with a creamy head. I get toasted dark malt on the nose and a light sweetness on the palate with just a bit of a dry bite from the addition of flaked rye in the grain bill.  

Seaside, Ca 

Kentucky Common 

The Bucket 

Other Brother Beer Co. 

The Bucket is an American Brown Ale that pours dark brown with a rootbeer-like head. Toasty malt character and moderate sweetness on the palate with medium body and a  smooth finish. 

Seaside, Ca 

American Brown Ale 

Golden Hour

Other Brother Beer Co. 

Pours clear bright gold. Honey and malt aromas on the nose followed by wheat, malt, and a light sweetness. A super clean beer. 

Seaside, Ca 

Golden Strong Ale

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