Sausalito Liquor Co. Unsinkable Rye


Reminder: We only ship spirits within the state of California.

Whether you’re very aware of the difference between rye and bourbon, or you’re very tired of people trying to explain it to you, our Unsinkable Rye is the answer. We’ve taken some of the finest Kentucky rye and aged it in California port wine barrels to make something that’s both new and familiar. An easy sipper with a sneaky depth. A shower and a grower, if you will.

But Unsinkable Rye’s true power comes when you share it with friends. Just pour a few glasses and watch the conversation flow from baseball to metaphysics to what Mercury’s retrograde is doing to your lower back.

And just in case anyone cares, our Unsinkable Rye was given Best In Show at the 2023 L.A Spirits Awards. Which literally doesn’t change anything, especially the taste. But still, pretty awesome.

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