Samaroli Guadeloupe Rhum 1998


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Our annual flying visit to the French overseas territories. Known as the Island of Beautiful Waters in pre-Columbian times, this small strip of land nestled in the Atlantic first attracted the Spanish, the French, the English... then for a period was even promised to Sweden. This chaotic past is evident in its rums, which are less Caribbean in nature, more European. Elegant, mellow, with a blue soul, a little pained. Like a proud lament, the bouquet permeates initially, with tones of chocolate, black cherry, almond and dried fruit. Of course pausing for a moment triggers other scents, maple syrup, berries and menthol. The enveloping palate brings hints of balsamic, but the prevailing sensation is one of tobacco, vanilla and licorice. Full of rhythm. A spirit of which we will never tire; complex and satisfying, it stimulates our imagination and provokes our curiosity.


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