Alesong Mocha Rhino Suit Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Milk Stout 500ml


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Brewery Notes:

Mocha Rhino Suit takes our flagship, bourbon-barrel-aged imperial milk stout and gives it a heavy dose of whole bean coffee and roasted cocoa nibs, taking an already decadent and chocolatey beer to new heights of deliciousness. Like Rhino Suit, this was aged in freshly emptied Heaven Hill bourbon barrels before being blended. We worked with Eugene's Coffee Plant Roasters to select a Colombian bean for its punchy coffee character and doubled down on our fascination with the country (we have two former residents on staff), by selecting a Colombian origin cocoa as well, honing in on that choice by tasting a half dozen options in conjunction with local importer, Chocolate Alchemy. It's amazing the flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel impact of different cocoa varieties, but don't worry, we're happy to suffer through all those trials for you!

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