Rare Wine Company Madeira Savannah Verdelho


These are the most affordable, representative examples of classic Madeira available. A collaboration between the importer and Barbeito's Ricardo Diogo Vasconcelos Freitas, the idea behind these bottlings is to capture some of the magic of vintage Madeira: the beautiful aromas, intensity of flavor, and, most importantly, the acidity. Given the fact that 1.5-3 ounces is a sufficient pour and that, once opened, these simply will not go bad, these are among the best deals we have in the store for those looking for a truly unique addition to add to the cellar (as well as drinking rotation)! Savannah is the historical center of Madeira appreciation; in fact the Savannah Madeira Club is still an active organization that meets to regularly imbibe Madeira! Verdelho strikes a beautiful balance between acidity and residual sugar; it is the second driest grape and style of Madeira next to Sercial. Given its lightly sweet, yet refreshing fruit profile and comparably light touch, this Madeira would be lovely either before or after a meal. 

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