Ramsay North Coast Pinot Noir


Made by Kent Rasmussen, the Ramsey label (named for his wife) has been around for decades. It is often found on restaurant lists, as 

Kent chooses grapes and blends with great care to achieve stylistic continuity, year in, year out, at reasonable price points. This Pinot has wonderful deep flavors dominated by dark red fruit, bramble-berries and rose characters, but it doesn’t stop with those simple descriptors. It is rich and complex, yet full of bright fruitiness and spice. There are bright cherry notes, toasty oak and a good hit of classic Burgundian complexity. Over it all is a bright balance of cardamom spice. The tannins are in just a little drying, sort of like chewing on a marigold, and offset the fruit nicely. And all for under $20!