Proxies Amuse Non-Alcoholic Beverage


Amuse is a collaboration between Proxies and chefs Beverly Kim and Johnny Clark, of Parachute and wherewithall in Chicago. Chef Beverly asked us to capture joy in a bottle; chef Johnny was focused on diversity of flavor, and the marriage of fruit, texture, acid and tannin. Together, we drew from the flavor mosaic of Korean cuisine to create an effervescent, celebratory blend that’s even better paired with friends and family.

Amuse was created to match and enhance the balanced flavors at play in Korean cuisine—but we find the nuanced blend brings just about any dish to life. Delivering a delightfully fresh fruit profile with a tart, salty finish and textured fizz on the palate, Amuse is both a mood-setter and conversation starter, a crushable addition to any table.

PLEASE NOTE: This product contains certain ingredients, like miso paste, to add depth and complexity to the flavor, but also cause naturally occurring sediment. This is not indicative that the product is expired or spoiled. Please gently invert the bottle (don't shake!) to recombine before opening.

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