Pecina Gran Reserva


A Gran Reserva wine is a Great Work, so we need to start with a base wine that meets special conditions in terms of structure, colour, tannins and aromas. This wine is therefore made with grapes from our oldest vines, from which we obtain very small, highly-concentrated berries, with very low yields and extraordinary quality.

Picked on the second fortnight in October, this wine is made with a careful maceration at controlled temperatures of 26º to 27º degrees for twelve days. It has spent 48 months in used American oak, and during this time it has been racked eight times from cask to cask, thereby racking it off the sediments by gravity in a natural way. After this time in the cask, it has then spent another 36 months rounding off in the bottle, thereby obtaining the special balance before its exit to the market.

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