Mommenpop Seville Orange Pop Aperitif


Mommenpop SEVILLE ORANGE is California sunshine in a bottle - warm and bright. Like liquid orange marmalade, it is pleasantly sweet and delightfully tangy. Seville Oranges have a brief growing season and are only available in California for a few short weeks - which makes this product even more special! Sevilles are prized for their peels, which are rich in aromatic oils, making them the ideal varietal for marmalade. We use the whole citrus, peels and all, to capture these amazing aromas and the sour juiciness of the flesh. Vibrant on its own, in a spritz, or in a variety of classic cocktails. “A pop of sun-soaked California citrus,” says Wine Enthusiast.

SMELLS LIKE // apricot, orange blossom, Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean

TASTES LIKE // liquid orange marmalade, fresh orange zest, honey

PAIRS WITH // dried apricots, almonds, triple creme brie, tinned fish, buttery desserts

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