Meo Camuzet Nuit Saint Georges Hospices de Nuits "Les Didiers" 2018


The objective of the estate is to produce wines that combine structure and finesse, concentration and charm. This balance must be achieved, while respecting the personality of the terroir and the vintage. To do this, it's necessary to show a great deal of respect at each stage of the wine-making process. And that must start in the vineyard!

Various procedures are implemented to realise these objectives: our viticulture seeks to favour the natural balances and reveal the terroir, yields are kept under control, harvesting is carried out carefully by hand and grapes are sorted prior to our winemaking procedure characterised by minimum interference. This encourages the fineness, the expression of the fruit and the personality of each wine rather than just extraction. Maturing is carried out carefully, with the extensive but controlled use of new casks. The wines are bottled without being fined or filtered.

Have a look at our practices in more detail, from the vineyard to bottling. Each stage is important and has its role to play in the production of a great wine.

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