Le Piane Mimmo Vino Rosso


“Mimmo” is dedicated to a friend from Boca who collaborated with the winery for many years to improve the quality standards in their vineyards. The wine can be defined as a “Little Boca.” Less structured and riper parts of “Boca DOC” (Nebbiolo and Vepsolina grapes) are blended after two years of aging in large barrels together with riper Croatina grapes (30%) to produce a light wine which is more amenable than “Boca DOC” and functions as good dooropener to the more complex but also more demanding flagship wine “Boca DOC.” There is a nice floral and fruity flavor with a soft elegance and long-lasting taste. “Mimmo” does not need to age for long but matures well over a period of three to six years.

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