Kikelet Tokaji Härslevelü Lónyai Dulo


In contrast to the Origo blend, Stéphanie never blends anything with Lónyai. This is a stand alone site. Tarcal is usually defined largely by loess soils, but it is of course more complicated than that. There is also chalk, dacite, and perlite that make vineyards like Lónyai susceptible to erosion but not as water retentive as clay. The acids here are sour and need aging, but once they balance out, it’s one of the most elegant and intense Hárslevelűs in the region. Built to age, ideally we drink this 3-5 years after vintage.

A wine that is light golden in color, it has a pronounced and expressive nose. This wine has intense aromas of spice, pollen and elderflower. On the palate it is fresh and intense – lemon and ripe limes initially and then tropical flavours come through to a very long finish.

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