I Favati Taurasi Terzotratto


Taurasi is a town in the province of Avellino, Campania, Italy. Taurasi is a historic town which is located in the region of Sannio. The town’s name probably derives from the Latin Taurus. Taurasi and Taurasi riserva are red, still Italian wines based principally on the Aglianico grape. Small percentages of Barbera and Piedirosso are sometimes included. Taurasi received the DOCG status in 1993.

The production of the Aglianico d’Irpinia I.G.T. and Taurasi D.O.C.G wines begins exactly the same: selection of the best grapes, then vinification and fermentation in large steel tanks, followed by racking into large oak barrels (botti). After about 12 months of aging, the part of the wine destined to become Taurasi continues aging in botti, while the wine assigned to become Aglianico I.G.T. is declassified, removed from botti, allowed to soften for around two months in large steel tanks, aged for at least two more months in bottle, and then released for sale.

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