Giuseppe Calabrese ‘Pollino’ Terre di Cosenza


Giuseppe Calabrese tends 4ha of old bush vines in the Pollino Mountains of Cosenza province in northern Calabria. This area of Italy is very remote; to say that Giuseppe is plowing the rough road is an understatement. For this isolation, his wines brim with the authenticity of self-edification; they are entirely unique interpretations of the Pollino wilds, without influence from would-be neighboring winemakers and peers. Magliocco Dolce [mah-l’yee-OHK-koh DAWL-che]* can be a moody wine: smoky, savory, black fruited, with grainy tannins. Grown at altitude and in limestone soils, Guiseppe’s Magliocco shows freshness and is clearly drawn while still possessing a brawny complexion. Wood-fired dishes, such as roasted lamb or eggplant pair well, even with a bit of Calabrian hot pepper.

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