Ghost Town Brewing Yokai Sake Rice Saison 500ml


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Brewer Notes:

It is true, this Sake Rice Saison brewed with Oakland's very own Den Sake Brewery was recently awarded a Gold Metal at the California Craft Brewer's Cup. Named after the strange apparitions originating in ancient Japanese folklore, which, amongst their myriad of powers, explain the otherwise unexplainable. Like the Yōkai, the imperceptible creatures known as yeast and bacteria work in mysterious ways in the background with magical results. Some of these creatures like koji, a traditional Sake yeast, and, California short-grain rice were used in concert with our house culture for fermentation. After a year on Oak, a variety of fruity flavors like bright grapefruit balance a creamy body. A chewy, grainy note and texture sticks to your tooth throughout each sip and a mixture of acidic notes with underlying funk indulge over and over act as the final touch of Yōkai’s mysterious embrace.

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