Germana Soul Cachaca


Staying true to the traditions around cachaça, Germana created the Soul expression to exemplify the centuries long tradition surrounding its creation. The culture of cachaça in the Minas Gerais state is viewed as a noble venture, something to behold in its purity. Since 1912, Germana has created each expression by hand from beginning to end on
their family-owned Farm Vista Alegre. Today the process remains the same from the harvest of the sugarcane to the wrapping of bottles in the leaves of Pahla (dried banana leaf) which is reflected in a few Germana expressions.

The crystalline color is a symbolic message to the drinker that the soul of Brazilian cachaça is not one to take lightly. Light, bright and grassy flavors give Soul its character and provides even the most basic bartender a tool to make rudimentary cocktails complex. There is much to appreciate about this all-natural cachaça. Due to the hard work of its blenders and distillers, the Soul expression received a Double Gold Medallion at the San Francisco World Spirits Challenge in 2009.

The Soul expression from Germana is perfect for the consumer who is interested in tasting a classic style of cachaça. The taste of fermented sugarcane shines due the open flame of the pot still. A taste of tradition with attention to detail is the idea behind this expression.

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