Germain Robin Single Barrel Pinot Noir California Brandy


Reminder: We only ship spirits within the state of California.

“It’s the best I’ve ever seen,” remarked Hubert Germain-Robin after tasting the first run of California Pinot Noir brandy that he and Ansley Coale distilled in 1983. Their decision to distill California Pinot Noir would change the face of brandy making forever. Double distilled in Prulho Charentais pot stills in 2001 and aged 19 years in heirloom Limousin Oak barrels, this single barrel brandy made from Anderson Valley, Mendocino California grown Pinot Noir grapes was chosen for its exceptional character, paying homage to our founders’ contribution to fine brandy making.

Tasting Notes: Single Barrel Pinot Noir brandy captures the fruit character of the Pinot Noir grape on both the nose and the palate. Aromas of barrel spice give way to dried cherry and apricot, with a layer of tobacco, and hints of coffee. On the palate there’s weight, boldness, and depth. Beyond fruit are earthy flavors of oak and a touch of leather that instantly give way to a bright red cherry finish.

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