Fuentes del Silencio's Las Jaras


Fuentes del Silencio's Las Jaras is a bombshell for the price. Located in northwestern Spain, at the eastern foothills of the Galician mountains, this blend made from 80 to 150-year-old Prieto Picudo, Mencía and Alicante Bouschet vines makes for a wine of unusual depth, concentration and surprising freshness. At an altitude of more than 2,600 feet, the growing season is long and results in a wine of wonderful tension, texture and freshness. Once the cork is pulled, the wine immediately begins its vertical climb and builds from one strength to the next, day after day. It seems that this wine can easily last for a week after being opened and still deliver freshness and bright fruit. Those who have tasted this wine are always dumbfounded by its level of depth for the price.

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