Domaine Eden Pinot Noir


When we first started making Domaine Eden Pinot Noir in 2008 the plan was to create a wine to consume young and not be too expensive. After reviewing the Domaine Pinots aging in our library, we have realized this is a serious wine deserving of your cellar. 

We were fortunate that the rain in 2019 was abundant. As a result, the vines grew well with little stress and  the crop was average in size. Our Domaine Eden property is about a mile away from our Mount Eden Estate, as the crow flies, but to drive the six miles there takes thirty minutes. That pretty much sums up the Santa Cruz Mountains.

There is a lot to like with this young wine: medium in body, it displays aromas of raspberry, anise and vanilla with a core of classic Burgundian character. This vintage has good acidity and supporting tannins, with five to fifteen years of aging potential. 

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