Didier Dagueneau et Guy Pautrait Les Jardins de Babylone 2006 500ml


Regarded for decades as Loire’s greatest winemaker, Didier Dagueneau was no stranger to dessert wines – rare bottlings like Asteroide (Pouilly-Sur-Loire) were among the most sought-after dessert wines despite daunting, even shocking prices. Ultimately, Dagueneau was discouraged by the region’s lack of appellation status for such wines and launched a search outside the Loire to pursue a unique, worldclass dessert wine. Seeking to stake his claim in an under-realized vinicultural region, the winemaker ended up at the foot of the Pyrenees just south of Pau in Southwest France where his new estate’s spectacular ampitheatre of terraced vineyards prompted Dagueneau to adopt the name Babylone.

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