Sausalito Liquor Co. Unsinkable Bourbon


Reminder: We only ship spirits within the state of California.

If a Tennessee whiskey hops a train bound for California, where else is it gonna live but inside a Cabernet Sauvignon barrel? It’s your classic Bible Belt meets No Belt love story that ends in this wonderfully drinkable lovechild: our Unsinkable Bourbon.

We’ve taken exceptional, well-aged bourbon and finished it in California Cabernet Sauvignon barrels to bring out a whole host of new flavors. The result is a whiskey that’s as unsinkable as the bootleggers, artists, musicians, anchor-outs, free-thinkers and nomads who have flocked to Sausalito for decades. And in case you can’t make the journey in person, pour yourself a finger or three and join us.

And if “award-winning” is something you look for in a bourbon, well good news. Our Unsinkable Bourbon picked up a silver medal at the 2023 L.A. Spirit Awards. Cool, but still, Go Giants

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