Clydeside Stobcross Single Malt Scotch Whisky


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The ancient state of Stobcross was named after a historic cross which once marked the route to Dumbarton Rock. On this road, in the 1600s, the Anderson family built a fine mansion, Stobcross House, later going on to lay out the prosperous weaving village of Anderston. With time comes change, and in 1875, with the industrial rise of the River Clyde, Stobcross House was demolished to make way for the Queen’s Dock – one the beating heart of Glasgow’s global maritime trade and fame.

Today in the Dock’s former Pumphouse, built-in 1877, that spirit of innovation continues with the combination of experience, passion, and skill to create The Clydeside Distillery’s first release, ‘Stobcross’ – a single malt, rooted in history. Time and tide might have changed the Clyde, but the city’s spirit of innovation and creation still burns bright.

Time, and the distiller’s skills have worked their magic. Three ingredients - water, malted barley, and yeast - have come together to create something new, crafted on The Clydeside. Stobcross, the road where our journey began.

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