Clementine Carter Grenache Sta. Rita Hills


Leave your penny loafers at home. This wine is the troublemaker in the Ivy Leagues. Who knew Grenache could demonstrate such piercing identity among the well healed? Think turned-up collar, extra-large comb in the back pocket of your faded Jordache jeans groovin’ to “Maneater” = Swagger. Spear and Robert Rae vineyards create the dynamic duo for this wine.

Spear and Robert Rae are organically farmed by awesome people. Spear receives morning warmth on its east facing sandy slope protected from the fierce oceanic westward afternoon winds. The fruit is plump, juicy and strategic in focus. Robert Rae is perched high above Santa Rosa road overlooking the entire Sta. Rita Hills from its intimate sunlight receiving west-facing clay-loam vista. The yield is never as much as I would like - it seems you actually can’t get enough of a good thing. This fruit is fierce and potent. 50% whole cluster fermentation, always. Long, cool gentle fermentation. 30+ days on the skins. Pressed into neutral French oak barrels for aging.

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