Bodrog Borműhely Furmint Lapis


Lapis is an iconic vineyard in Tokaj. Located near the town of Bodrogkeresztúr and looking down onto the Bodrog River with the Várhegy (Castle Hill) volcano to the east. Despite being near to all of this moisture, Botrytis only hits certain parts of the vineyard. The 1 hectare that they farm is 155m up and in a breezy spot making dry wines more feasible. The soil is a mixture of rhyolite with strong brown clay soil and tufa. Where the Várhegy has aromatics at the forefront, the Lapis has texture. Only 5-6 hours of maceration, left overnight to settle out, then barreled down for 6 months. Bottle conditioning is always key with these wines. There’s a smidge of RS but balanced by ripping acidity and everything is happening in a 12.5% package. Furmint from the Lapis is creamy without being flabby, and is like honeyed stone fruit rolled in the spice trade.

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