Los Bermejos Listan Negro Maceracion Carbonica


100% Listán Negro, 100% carbonic maceration. An extremely fresh and bright wine meant to drink young and with a chill.

The taste - Impeccable harmony between the notes of ripe fruit and the aromas of carbonic maceration. Sweet, full-bodied and a long, pleasant finish.

Listán Negro  is also known as Listán Prieto or Palomino Negro, and is very close related to País, grown in Chile, and Mission, grown in Arizona. Listán Negro is hardly grown at all on the European mainland- it was wiped out by the phylloxera epidemic- but it is widely planted on the Canary Islands, where it covers almost 12,000 acres of land. Bermejos is on the easternmost island of Lanzarote. Only 125km from the African coast, conditions there are extreme!