Arnaud Lambert Clos de Midi


As my first white from the hill of Brézé, Clos du Midi made quite an impression. It also made the same impression for many others in the wine trade as it’s our top selling single white wine for restaurant by-the-glass programs and case stacking in retail accounts. It’s no surprise because this wine combines an immense amount of intellectual stimulation and pleasure, and it’s hard to get a more complete white wine than this for the price.

It comes from one of the colder sites on the Brézé hill and has nearly four hectares in production. The upper section of the vineyard, on the mid-slope of the hill, is primarily made of sand and at the bottom it’s richer in clay. These elements combine with the sandy limestone mother rock, tuffeau, and its vinification and aging in stainless steel to generate a broad range of complexities in this often laser sharp but pleasure-filled wine. Aromatically discrete, and depending on the vintage, the wine is often marked with honey, dried exotic fruits, herbal tea and sweet lemon. Although this wine is 100% Chenin Blanc, it bears the freshness of a young Sancerre, the soft richness of Chablis, but with the unmistakable charm of Chenin Blanc from Brézé.

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