Blue Gin


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Why this premium spirit is called Blue Gin? Who knows, but we know one thing for a fact: the gin is crystal clear. The latest Austrian Gin export shines with an aroma of 27 different botanicals that have been collected from all over the world. As it is true for the majority of all gins, juniper is the strongest flavour in Blue Gin. Other than that, lemon rind, cilantro seeds, curcuma and coriander are easily noticeable as well. But it is not only the choice of botanicals that makes this gin so good - the choice of water also plays a big role in the making of Blue Gin. Pure spring water from an alpine pasture in the Mühlviertel from the north of Austria is used to give this gin the perfect base.

Blue Gin is an Austrian high quality spirit that comes in a fresh design and satisfies with its pure aroma.

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