Rose of the Month: June

This month we feature Grenache as the star grape. There are over 456,000 acres of Grenache planted around the world, mostly in France (sometimes known as Grenache Noir), followed by Spain (Garnacha or Garnatxa), Italy...

Red Rogues: Q2 2019

Newfound Wines In 2016, Matt and Audra Naumann founded a 40-acre ranch, vineyard, and winery in the Sierra Foothills to establish a legacy for their family and realize their dream to become first generation grape...

Red Rogues Q3 2018 Club Notes

Grenache, (also known as Grenache Noir, to distinguish it from its white counterpart Grenache Blanc) is the most widely planted grape in the southern Rhône Valley, and the second most widely planted grape in the world. With its upright growth and strong, sturdy trunk, Grenache is ideally suited to being grown as a water-seeking bush vine in hot, windy areas. Its only disadvantage is its predilection to set relatively little fruit, but that, of course, means all the more flavor in the grapes that remain.