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"No Fuss" G+T's for Labor Day

August 26, 2020

While your Labor Day celebrations this year might be attracting a smaller crowd, that doesn't quite get us off the hook from putting together an amazing does it? We're saying screw 2020 and creating a "no fuss" G+T bar with our favorite gins, tonics, and accoutrements. Even that fancy cocktail friend wont have any complaints, because who doesn't love a refreshing G+T?

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Like a refreshing dip in a backyard pool - the G&T is the official summer cocktail. Here are some invaluable tips to building a Labor Day worthy G&T station:

    1. Choose the right gin. Make sure to use a proper London Dry Gin, which means it is of the highest quality in its purest form. Choose one of our favorites or grab a variety depending on who is on the guest list:
      - Ford's Gin
      - Sipsmith Gin
      - Plymouth Gin
    2. Any old glass will not do. There is a reason behind choosing the proper glassware for your proper G&T. Choose a wide-brimmed glass, preferably a high-ball or a Copa, which looks a bit like a wine glass with its bulbous shape and sits on a stem. This is the glass most used in Spain for their famous style of G&Ts which is favored over others as it’s designed to trap the aromatic qualities of the gin, as well as allowing a good amount of ice to keep your cocktail cool and less likely to melt and dilute your drink!
    3. Ice is muy importante to keep your Gin & Tonic perfectly chilled, especially since during the summer months. We don't need to tell you that a chilled beverage is a must for a summer cocktail, but more importantly, it softens the effect of the alcohol. Pro Tip: Keep your gin refrigerated to keep the whole cocktail cold as ice in the hot summer sun.
    4. Splurge of the best Tonic. You shouldn't let cheap tonic ruin your finest summer cocktail. Match your tonics with your gin, or the type of G&T you plan on creating. Some of the better tonics out there come in different flavor profiles and can really elevate your cocktail experience. Not to worry, Schweppe’s is still a classic and is easy to find at the corner store, but our personal favorite is the Fever Tree line of tonics that come in flavors like: Indian, Mediterranean, Light and more.
    5. Garnish with care. Last, but one of the most important elements is what you put in your G&T. Yes, the old classic calls for a little lime or maybe a lemon wedge, but there are just so many options to make your G&T something special. Depending on the gin, you will want to complement the botanical flavor profile of your gin. Expand your citrus choices to include grapefruit, blood orange or even consider adding fresh herbs like rosemary, mint or thyme as well as spices like pink peppercorns or a cinnamon stick.
    6. Our Go-To recipe for summer:

      2oz Plymouth Gin
      3-4oz Indian Tonic by Fever Tree
      Thinly sliced grapefruit
      Fresh Rosemary Sprig
      Served in a stemless wine glass with *LOTS of ice

      Fill glass with ice cubes, pour in gin, then top with tonic. G
      ive a gentle stir. Top with grapefruit slices and a rosemary sprig. Voilá!

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